Wedding Rings White Leather Album Small

A contemporary and elegant wedding photo album in beautiful white leather,¬†This white wedding photo album is the perfect gift for a loving couple on their wedding day and is sure to become a cherished present once it’s filled with all of the photographs from their special day.

It features with beautiful Rings hanging down from the top, etched with word ”Wedding” right at the Center with butterfly on the top.




This luxurious large photo album is made with clean, bold and modern finish. The size is very generous with pages of stiff photo card, this white leather wedding album is ideal for holding all your wedding photos. With clean and contemporary styling. Beautifully tactile.

Traditionally and beautifully hand-bound. In the Center of the album cover there engraved wording ” Wedding ”¬† with Butterfly flying over it. ,From the top of the image the necklace with beautiful Rings hanging down and below word ‘Wedding’ is displayed in Silver color. All these styles and designs gives the photo album a more contemporary edge.

Size: 13 cm, 18 cm


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