Traditional Pure Cotton Netsela Embroidered Turquoise Around The Hem

Traditional Netsela made of 100% pure cotton handmaiden in foot loom, this gorgeous lightweight shawl is oversized enough to freely wrap around any outfit and it will definitely keep you warm all the day along.

This stunning turquoise embroidered Netsela is ideal to wear it casually and the perfect way to stay warm in all seasons.

Size: 220 cm Length & 150 cm Width




Traditional Netsela fabric made of 100% pure cotton, light in weight and looks stunning with the vibrant teal texture. Our Shawl is very comfortable to wear and is very warming.

Wrap yourself in this gorgeous rustic style Shawl, ideal to wear with traditional color match chiffon dress.

The shawls size are generous and are ready in many different colors.

The process of making this product is eco-friendly with very low environmental impact.

Size: Length 220 cm with 150 cm Width

Colour: Turquoise


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