Rustic Jute Hessian White Lace Table Runner Set Of 3

Here we have these beautiful raw, rustic Jute fabric runners finished with white laces on the surrounding edge. The loosely woven fabric which is used to make these runners is very strong, coarse texture and Eco- friendly with low impact on the environment.

Jute fabrics have been used in recent years as decorative materials for different purposes because of the homely natural appeal, for this reason, we have designed them as the table runner for an elegant look in your dining room.

If required different sizes or lace colour choice from the info provided, please email us through the contact us form with all the details, and we will design it based on your requirements.





These Jute Hessian table runners are traditional style made with good quality fabric. These beautiful handmade table runners are stitched with soft white laces on the hem of the fabric. Come in the set of 3 separate pieces, these gorgeous table runners will no doubt transform your dining experience to something festive.

We have an image display to show the standard horizontal table settings, but it can also be set in different styles with your own positioning preference. Matching colors of table mats and cutlery holder are also available for the complete set which can be purchased individually.


Dimensions: 3 Piece each measured 150 cm ,40 cm approx

Material: Jute Hessian

Embellished: White Lace

Product: 3 Table Runner

Please contact us at the email address provided if you require different sizing and lace color choices. We are happy to customize the fabric for your chosen size and color.

Additional information

Dimensions 55 x 45 cm


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