Handwoven Embroidered Cotton Scarf Design 018

Ethically made organic scarf by our skilled staff in Asmara, our styles are of unique original fashion made with care and ideal for those who care how their clothes are made. Elegant comfy scarf perfect for any occasions or everyday use, a warm wrap or simple throw. You can’t get a better scarf for any seasons.

Colour: Blue & Orange Embroidery



Our scarf is made from soft best selected organic cottons, 100% handwoven with care and love in traditional system called wood loom. This one is a really luxurious piece eye-catching, the cotton weave is super lightweight yet very warming and lush with elegant subtle shimmer. It has unique color patterns in horizontal stripes that gives beautiful radiance to the scarf.


  • 100% Organic Cottons
  • Handmade on foot loom
  • Size 183 cm by 63 cm approximately


  • Hand wash recommended
  • No tumble drier, let it dry by nature
  • Iron with low settings

The process is very time consuming, but it is also very eco-friendly. The whole process has a very low environmental impact.


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