Traditional Jute Hessian White Lace Table Mats Set Of 6

Here we have these beautiful raw, rustic Jute hessian Mats finished with white laces on the edges. The loosely woven fabric which is used to make these mats are very strong and eco- friendly with low impact on the environment.

Jute fabrics have been used in recent years as decorative materials for different purposes because of the homely natural appeal, we have designed them as table mats for an elegant look in the dining room.





These Jute Hessian table mats are traditional styles made with good quality fabric. Our beautiful handmade mats are stitched with gorgeous soft White laces on the edge.

Matching colour sets of table running and cutlery holder are available for complete set purchase.


Dimensions:  Length 45 cm with Width 42 cm

Material: Jute Hessien

Embellished: White Lace



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